Beer is fine, however liquor is discouraged.

Why should we fish with Showtime?

I get asked this question sometimes, so let me answer it here.   I have been fishing West Bay since 1978, professionally since 1982.  We have over 80% repeat clients, some for over 20 years.  Fishing professionally is all we do, we know where the active schools of fish are because we are out there nearly every day.  When you fish with Showtime you will find our boats are clean and meticulously maintained, our equipment is top shelf, and you will always fish with Cam.  We do not hire part time captains.  You will always fish with the owner.

When we have completed our fishing for the day and returned to the marina, we will take your catch to our private cleaning station.  After some pictures, your catch is cleaned, rinsed with fresh water and put in freezer bags.  Your filets are never rinsed with nasty marina water.  We all know what the ducks and geese do in the marina water!

West Grand Traverse Bay is not only beautiful, but very protected.  It is extremely rare for these waters to be rough.  Big waves can ruin a fishing trip!

What to bring.

I always tell my anglers to bring whatever they want to eat, drink, or wear!  You will want to dress for the weather, dress in layers.  Wear soft soled, clean shoes and don’t forget sun screen and sun glasses.  You will need a cooler to transport your fillets.  Your captain and mate will clean your catch free of charge.

Leaving the dock.

You need to be on time, especially for morning trips during Salmon season.  The very best times for our Salmon are dawn and dusk.

Deposit to hold a charter?

I routinely take a credit card number to hold a date for a charter.  This guarantees your group the boat for that date.  The card is NOT charged except for a no show.  Charters can be cancelled within 1 week with no charge.

How do I pay for the trip?

Payment for a charter is expected after the fish are cleaned.  Although we are able to accept most credit cards, checks or cash is the preferred method of payment.

Do I tip the 1st mate?

The 1st mate on a charter boat strives to make your trip more productive and enjoyable.  It is customary to tip the 1st mate.